Our excellent training centre in Indonesia are backed with full facilities, ensuring the highest standard of quality training to match the needs of your families. Enthusiastic trainers are certified and have previous backgrounds such as the Nursing field, Professional Cleaners with hotel industry experience and various Language teachers (Fluent in English/Mandarin/Cantonese). Essential knowledge and skills are therefore passed down to each Indonesian workers through practical hands-on lessons.
Our selection criteria includes training performance, feedback gathered from trainers and practical examinations. Also their seriou ness and enthusiasm in their jobs, level of discipline, mannerism and previous employment records overseas if any. Through personal interaction, we are able to asses the strengths and the duties the Indonesian workers would excel in.
Extensive training syllabus and materials are provided. Classroom lessons and teachers provide a conducive environment for our Indonesian workers to pick up essential skills in becoming successful in their duties. According to your needs and strengths of the domestic worker, we offer specialized training in baby care, aged, invalids and household safety. We truly understand the needs of our Customers. We pride ourselves from the good feedback received and highest re-contracting rates. It would continue to motivate us to constantly improve our training standards.
We have got certificate for the government to execute sending process of Indonesian workers abroad and we have experienced in this field more than 5 years and we have also sent more than 2000 employee to the various countries. We also provide training facilities to train Indonesian workers candidate before sending them abroad.
It is meant to make our employee good in their job.