PT. ANUGERAH USAHA JAYA, a company focusing on Indonesian Manpower Recruitment, was established by Mr. Benedictus P. Kedang STP in the early 1997. During 20 years of development, PT. AUJ concentrate to recruit and provide educated professionals and non-professionals for all sectors. Management team, as well as staff who are skilled, professional and highly dedicated and also supported by modern systems and facilities, make us ready to serve and provide quality services.

By maintaining quality service for 20 years of business, makes PT. AUJ to become one of Indonesian largest manpower recruitment agency which is well recognized inside and outside of Indonesia. PT. AUJ provides many Indonesian workforce coming from Manado, Flores, Sumba, Kupang, Sulawesi, Bali, and East Java with many destination countries includes Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Hongkong, Taiwan, and Cyprus. Through variety of selection and trainning, we are ready to provide the best workforce for you.
Our Company envisions to becoming one of the leader in the oversea recruitment industry in Indonesia, which produces the best qualified human resources.
We believe that the country’s growth and development can only be achieved by sustained effort to increase employment opportunities for Indonesian Workers. Our company aims to promote and provide efficient workers with good moral values.